We are innovative, dynamically developing company

We are an innovative, dynamically developing company that uses rich experience of the best engineers. We design, implement and manufacture high-end lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor applications. We have a wide range of standard luminaires in our offer: floodlights, industrial lamps, interior and exterior fixtures, but we can also make a customized product suited to each investment.

Our fixtures are designed to illuminate different kinds of objects: office buildings, public facilities, shopping centers, hotels, museums, churches and many others. Illumination of classical and modern architecture is our biggest passion however we are able to illuminate every object successfully. Our greatest achievement is the lighting of the bridge in Rzeszow where you can see spectacular illumination of bridge structure and sidewalks.


We’re using our own solutions that’s why we’re taking up every challenge. Cooperation with local and foreign leading suppliers allows us for flexible adaptation to the individual needs of our customers. Our products are based on the highest quality components.

We’re using only brand name LEDs and power supplies, so we can provide unfailing product with extended warranty.

We have technologically advanced machine facilities, both for electronic assembly and aluminum and plastic processing. Since most of the work is carried in our company, delivery time is shorter comparing to competition.

Our goal is the continuous development of our company and constant qualifications improvement of our staff, so we can offer you the most technologically advanced products.

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